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Terms and Conditions

1.Right to refuse entry.As the Event is on private property anybody without a ticket of proof of i.d. or is failing to follow instruction from site staff(clearly marked) will be ejected from property. Failure to do so could involve police involvement and you will deem to be trespassing.

2.The neighbouring properties are private and out of bounds, any access will be treated as trespass and dealt with accordingly. This includes the private residence on site.

3.There is no access to the site before 12 noon Fri 6 Sept. Guests are requested to be packed up, cleaned up and leave property no later than midday Mon 9 Sept.

4.There is a no dogs to be on site. There are farms in the area and we can't guaranty there safety.

5.Wristbands will be supplied with entry pack, these bands must be worn at all times when on site. If you don't have a band site security will escort you to the gate to be issued a replacement(ticket and i.d. required) or you will be instructed to leave the property.

6.Ticket and some form of i.d. will be required for entry.

Strictly no ticket no entry, there will be no room to negotiate this so don't waste your time.

7.Any antisocial behaviour or violent behaviour as such you could be asked to leave and in more serious incidents will be treated as a criminal matter and police involved.

8.Tickets not transferable without application and approval of organisers.

9.We discourage bringing glass, any glass brought in must strictly remain in camp and is prohibited for the remainder of the site(drink cans and premix, leave bottles at camp.

10. DON'T assualt each other. 

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