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Sat, Feb 29


Irish Murphy's

Doofinabox presents NZEN7, Stompsy, Ayahuoscar and Squilphon

local support Stompsy, Ayahaoscar and Squilphon

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Doofinabox presents NZEN7, Stompsy, Ayahuoscar and Squilphon
Doofinabox presents NZEN7, Stompsy, Ayahuoscar and Squilphon

Time & Location

Feb 29, 2020, 8:00 PM

Irish Murphy's, 21 Salamanca Pl, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

About The Event

 NZEN7 Taipei,Tiawan .. Technophobia, Zenon Records

NZEN7 Story

“Psi-Fly Sound for the multi-dimensional attuned”

·            “NZEN7” A Psi-Fi musical experience with roots as a narrative based on galactic hoping alien species from a planet known as “NZEN7”

·            Planet “NZEN7” located in an unknown neighboring galaxy approximately 7 million light years away.

·            Inhabitants of “NZEN7” are known as “NPhibians”

·            “NPhibians” are travelling to neighboring galaxies to share their tales of Intergalactic travel, these tales are known as “Psi-Fly Sound Stories”

·            The NPhibians that travel to other Planets to share these tales are known as “Psi-ambassadors”

·            A “Psi-Ambassador” has been assigned to Planet Earth and they have selected an individual that goes by “Naoise” to be their Host.

·            “NPhibians” are composed of both inert and potential material/substance known as “Sinusoidospores” which at the atomic level appear to be Nano-Oscillating sonic vibrations, in Laymen’s terms, you could say their made out of sound! This subsequently allows them to manipulate their shape and form, giving them an ability to masquerade as any sound or any appearance in the human visual spectrum. However, to avoid confusion they select a host or conduit per planet to maintain the same appearance. On Planet Earth, they have selected “Naoise” to be their conduit/host during the times needed to appear in the material form.

·            The NPhibians species are highly advanced, Time fold technology is common place among their race and allows them to traverse great distances around the universe in short spans of time. Currently (according to Planet NZEN7 time locally in relation to the Universal Linear Time that they have standardized) they have mapped 29 galaxies for “Psi-Ambassadors” to freely explore.

·            They are a peaceful and loving race with the upmost respect for Life, and their greatest passion is Music, Sound Art & Dance.

·            Their mission is simple:

o   1: To Seek & Explore the infinite varieties of Sound & Music Production through sharing their tales of intergalactic adventures. “Psi-Fly Sound Stories”

o   2: To hear & learn the “Music” created by their friends inhabiting nearby galaxies and further the evolution of Sonic history & Potentia~ |

Supported by Stompsy Squilphon Ayahaoscar 

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